Thursday, May 9, 2013


This is a collection of some design work that I'm proud of. For the past few years I have been traveling to and working at many farms. Most of my work does not result in any design work documentation that I can share here, but some does.

This portfolio is part of my journey towards accreditation by the Permaculture Institute for a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design through The Independent Route.

To view my CV, click here. (The Dropbox pdf renderer is not very good, so it is better to download the document).

You will notice that I move a lot from farm to farm, which is why I have adopted the title of Journeyman. A Journeyman is a trained worker employed by someone else, often for short periods of time. This isn't because I don't get along with the farmers, on the contrary I have fond memories of the places I've been. I move often because I believe in the teaching power of travel; by engaging in a period of travel-study I have been able to learn complex lessons that are difficult to realize by staying in one place. This is a tradition followed by many cultures, including the well known Traveling Carpenters of Germany.

After travelling for approximately 4 years tradition suggests that my journeyman years should now come to a close and I am open to longer term work in one location.

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