Thursday, May 9, 2013

Field of Dreams

I met the owner of Field of Dreams when I was just beginning to study agriculture, at the Everdale Environmental Learning Center. When, years later, LolaJean agreed to have me at her place for a few weeks, I was thrilled to help her start her own farm in Erin, Ontario.

At Field of Dreams we did a lot of interesting things that did not involve design, like logging with horses, maple syrup production, and construction of small farm vehicles. But we also got to do a little bit of permaculture design work.

Again I was practicing map-making although this job was considerably easier than the terraces of Nepal, since there were a lot more straight lines.

A simple map of the property was immediately useful in some ways, like assessing how much horse fencing would cost to run it entirely around the perimeter,

Field of Dreams has a lot of nut trees planted, but since they take a long time to come into production market gardening is one of the focuses for this year. So, I put my skills to use creating a map of the garden. The outlines in the drawing below represent an area which was turned over from grass the previous fall.

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